Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is your studio?

San Leandro, CA (ten minutes by car from downtown Oakland).


For public transit, there is a BART station (Bayfair) about a ten minute walk from the studio. Also buses very close by that run from that station to almost my door. 

Specifically, see Location.



How many of you people are there at Ink Medicine Tattoo?

Me, Micah Riot, and my lovely apprentice Sayler McBean.  


How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?


Thanks for asking! I made this podcast episode specifically as a helpful guide to you, potential client.


I believe I forgot to include an ask for a shave in there. So, please shave the area to be tattooed. It saves us a bit of time in our appointment. 


Is there parking near your studio?

Yes, there is plenty of safe free nearby parking.  The Hofbrau next door seems to be fine for parking, though I don't have any official agreements with them. None of my clients have ever had issues with their parking lot. 


Otherwise there is plenty of nearby free non-timed non-metered neighborhood street parking. 

Can I bring a friend to my tattoo appointment?

Please don't. Between living and working through a pandemic and our increasingly unsteady world, I have increased social anxiety.

Guests are very distracting for me, and having another human in the room requires extra energy that I don't have to spare. I'd rather give you all of the energy that I can. I'd rather be taking care of you. 


Thank you for respecting this ask.

What is your rate and what forms of payment do you take?


In short, $300/hr, no tips expected or accepted, and I take all major credit cards and cash, as well as online forms of payment. 


Sayler's rates are ever changing, so you'd have to ask them if you'd like a piece by them. 


What is your cancellation policy?

For consultations:

Currently I am holding all new-client consultations via zoom. My booking system charges your card $45 when you book your consultation. If you need to reschedule, e-mail me, so that you don't incur extra fees. 


For tattoo appointments: 

I ask for a week of notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.

In this best case scenario, you incur no extra charges.



If you have suddenly developed illness symptoms, and are not coming in, I will not charge you, but please know that if I don't work, I can't pay my bills, so if you are able to pay the cancellation fee ($400) without much financial hardship, I would appreciate it. 


How booked up are you?

Generally about 2-3 months out. Sometimes you get lucky and get in next week. Follow me on instagram and keep an eye on my stories. I will often post last minute openings there. 


Where on your body does getting tattooed hurt the most?

Every body has its' own individual pain map. Generally speaking, wherever you have the most nerve endings is where it will hurt the most. Hands/fingers, necks, faces, armpits, stomachs are some examples. In my experience, big solid muscles such as thighs, upper arms and parts of the back are among the least sensitive. How much fat you have on a body part does not matter in relation to pain. 


How long can I not shower after getting tattooed? What about working out?

You can start showering about as soon as 3-4 hours after your tattoo appointment, I do recommend waiting overnight.


See Tattoo Care Instructions


As for working out, that depends on what your workout is. Swimming, surfing and other water sports are not recommended. Lifting weights and running should be fine as long as you can keep your tattoo clean. 


I love a tattoo that I found online that I must have! How much will it cost?

I will not replicate someone else's artwork as I don't find plagiarism ethical. Be inspired. Be creative. Be you.  I will happily help you design something uniquely yours. 


Also I do not give price estimates at first contact. 



I live very far away. Can I pay you to do a drawing, then take it to my friend in my town to get it tattooed on me?

The short answer is, probably not. But on a case by case basis -- maybe.  


The long answer is: I do a lot of my work freehand. I work with your individual unique body, and spirit. I will not be able to create something for you without meeting you. You are welcome, however, to buy my flash at will. The rare times I draw flash with no one in mind, I post it on my instagram, @micahriot . 


Will you send me my tattoo design over e-mail?

Most of the time, no. I do a lot of my work free-hand, as in directly, onto your skin. I do not send abstract designs over e-mail. 


Once in a while depending on the circumstances, I will send an initial sketch out a day or two before the appointment. 


I'd like to consult with a few tattoo artists, then decide on the right one. What is your consultation fee?

I am happy to answer any of your questions without a commitment.

You are welcome to book a regular consultation. 


If you would like to talk to me for longer, we can meet for an hour over zoom or in person, in that case I would charge $150. In this type of consultation I would be happy to talk to you about your body of work and advise you on how to pursue continuing your tattoo journey, coverup ideas, tying in a few tattoos into a cohesive flow, etc. Please make your intent clear in your email.