Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is your studio?

See Location.


You will receive further instructions, the suite number and my cell phone number after you book your consultation. 


How many of you guys are there at Micah Riot Tattoo?

Just me. :) 


All me doing the admin, the designing, the tattooing. 


Is there parking near your studio?

There is some. If you are able to take BART, it may be easier than looking for parking on a weekday afternoon near Activ Space. If you do drive, it might take you 20-30 minutes to locate parking. Parking is easier after 3pm and on weekends. 


What is your rate and what forms of payment do you take?


See Fees.


What is your cancellation policy?

For consultations:

You may reschedule at your convenience, given at least 24 hours of notice. If you reschedule within 24 hours or simply not come to your consultation appointment, you will be charged $50


For tattoo appointments: 

I ask for a week of notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. In this best case, your deposit (usually $225) travels with you and you incur no extra charges.

If you give me less than a week of notice, your deposit covers your miss and I will ask for another deposit to make another tattooing appointment for you. 

A cancellation without a reschedule forfeits your deposit automatically. 

A cancellation or a reschedule within 24 hours incurs a charge of $300


How booked up are you?

Generally about 2-3 months in advance. In the Summer it can go to 3-4 months. Sometimes you get lucky and get in next week. You can generally come in and meet me for a consultation and start the process within two weeks of first contact though. 


Where on your body does getting tattooed hurt the most?

Every body has it's own individual pain map. For some, having a tattoo done on their upper arm would be excruciating, others fall asleep while getting a piece on their ribs. Generally speaking, wherever you have the most nerve endings is where it will hurt the most. Hands/fingers, necks, faces, armpits, stomachs are some examples. Studies say, women have a nine times higher pain tolerance than men, a gift from Mother Nature.  In my experience, big solid muscles are the most bearable: thighs, upper arms, calves. In the end, placement should be determined by many other factors, and very little by the expectation of pain. And no, how much fat you have on a body part does not really matter in relation to pain. 


How long can I not shower after getting tattooed? What about working out?

You can start showering about as soon as 3-4 hours after your tattoo appointment, I do recommend waiting a day.


See Tattoo Care Instructions


As for working out, that depends on what your workout is. Swimming, surfing and other water sports are not recommended. Lifting weights and running should be fine as long as you can keep your tattoo area clean. 


I love a tattoo that I found online that I must have! How much will it cost?

I will not replicate someone else's artwork as I don't find plagiarism ethical. Please do not ask. Be inspired. Be creative. Be you. Everyone else is already taken.  I will happily help you design something uniquely yours. 



I live very far away. Can I pay you to do a drawing, then take it to my friend in my town to get it tattooed on me?



I do a lot of work freehand. I work with your individual unique body, spirit and energy. I will not be able to create something for you without meeting you and drawing on your body. 


How long does it take to get a tattoo?

How long a tattoo takes depends on many factors, such as how still you are able to be, how well your particular skin takes the ink, where it is located (for example, a piece on the ribs takes much longer than one on a thigh, because the skin is so much stretchier), how colorful/shaded/detailed it is. 


Will you send me my tattoo design over e-mail?

I do a lot of my work free-hand, as in directly, onto your skin. I do not send any designs over e-mail. 


I'd like to consult with a few tattoo artists, then decide on the right one. What is your consultation fee?

I am happy to answer any of your questions. I charge $50 per consultation if the client is not ready to book a tattoo appointment. When the client books tattoo time, the consultation is free. I will start working on your design once I have a deposit of at least one hour ($225).