Deposit Policy

Dear Client: this deposit policy insures that we are both clear on our agreements pertaining to your deposit. Thank you.


  • As I put your name into my appointment book for your first tattoo sitting, I will ask for a deposit of $200.
  • The deposit is used towards your last hour with me. If you only need one appointment, it covers your last hour/s of work completed. If you need more than one, it comes out of your last appointment. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable. (If you decide not to get tattooed, it covers the time I spent on our e-mail exchange, consultation, and potentially losing the chance to work on other clients while holding my time open for you.)

You will lose your deposit if:

  • If you are more than a half hour late to an appointment.

  • You give me less than one week of notice to cancel or reschedule an

    appointment. (If I can't rebook your appointment, I don't work. Coordinating multiple schedules (mine and my clients') requires time, thus I need at least this much notice to rebook.)

  • You reschedule an appointment more than twice.

  • Six months pass "on hold" without an appointment or communication from you.


  • On the day of your first appointment I will show you the linework for your tattoo. You will have some idea of how it is going to look prior to getting tattooed. 

  • I do a lot of my work freehand. 

  • Your deposit will go towards a drawing fee if you change your mind about your design once I start the process of preparing for your tattoo.