Are you?

Are you a person, who is starting to think about and maybe take her first tentative steps in the direction of a queer identity? 


Are you longing for support, community, friends with whom you can just be. A place where you don't have to be defensive, where you don't have to explain yourself. 


Maybe you've been in straight relationships your whole life, or maybe you haven't dated anyone.


Maybe you come from a religious background.


Maybe you have kids and you believe prioritizing yourself and your happiness would be selfish. 


Yet you are starting to want to explore the queer side of you more than you want to stuff it down. You've realized it's not going anywhere, and you only have this one life to live. 





Welcome to Queer Finishing School

First, let me introduce myself. If you don't already know me, my name is Micah Riot. I am 36, I identify as queer and gay, nonbinary, genderqueer and a woman, all depending on my mood and context. I don't remember a time before I was attracted to women. As a young kid I had crushes on my friends' moms, my mom's friends, my classroom teacher, and my peers. I thought Barbie was hot too. I grew up in Russia, (where being out as gay is punishable by prison time), and didn't start owning my queerness until college. At which point I also thought a lot about gender, including my own. I had my first queer relationship mid way through college, and I never looked back. At this point, I have been out for my entire adult life. Which is probably not your story. Still, I can relate, and I want to help you. 


Specifically why I know I am qualified to lead Queer Finishing School for folks like you, I wrote about here. 




What will we do in Queer Finishing School?