Ep. 5: Throw Me To The Wolves (specifically Hannah Wolf)

Hannah Wolf is an utterly interesting human. She started tattooing as a teenager, is on her second ownership of a pirate ship, excuse me, a tattoo shop, has written and published an impressive tome of tattoo science wisdom, and is a motorcycle mechanic  and avid skier in her spare time. 

We fit a lot of topics into an hour long conversation, including what being a woman tattooer in the early 2000s was like, how to be the fanciest of tea lovers, what's hardest about being a tattoo shop owner, why getting tattooed contains inherent danger, but we do it anyway, and what this business is really all about, at least for us. I murmur my agreement with her a lot, and Lulu, my spotted pitbull, snores and makes other cozy sounds throughout the hour. What you cannot see, is Lulu also spends almost the whole hour sprawled across Hannah's lap. 

Hannah's website: https://www.tattoosbyhannah.com
Old Crow's website: https://www.oldcrowtattoo.com

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