Thank you for your interest. As usual life and work are keeping me busy and it's taking a while to get through my e-mail load. Please be patient. I am implementing a new system of booking consultations. If you have feedback for me, please do let me know. 


Currently this is how it works:

-I ask all of my potential clients to answer the questions below in a message to me.

-I will receive the request and will either give you the go ahead to book your consultation through the link below or I will send you clarifying questions. 

-Once in a while I do decline a request. Usually because I am already working on a few of those (poppies, hummingbirds etc). 


I don't do cover-ups. Unless you give me completely free reign. 

Please answer the following questions:

1. What you would like to get. Your idea/vision. 

2. Where on your body you would like to have it tattooed and about how much skin you would like it to take up/cover.

3. Do you have a style in mind? Describe please. 

4. Please tell me a little bit about yourself. Tell me if you are a first timer. Also please tell me how you found me. 

5. Your budget for this piece, if you have one. 

6. Please attach any art references you've collected for your vision. 


my e-mail is 

please book your consultation here: