the container

(please read)

I strive to create safe space inside my studio and under my needle for humans of all marginalized identities.


I welcome all folx of color, trans humans, people of larger than "average" sizes and varied physical abilities, and promise to do all that is in my capacity to honor each person coming through my doors in their full humanity, and treat each client in a dignified, and caring way. 


For your reference, and sense of safety my personal identity markers are:

immigrant (post-soviet), queer, jew, non-binary, white, able-bodied, straight-sized, college-educated. 

I consider myself working-to-middle class, and have no family wealth.  


I am fully vaccinated and I am continuing to wear masks indoors. 

If you would like to start the process of working on a tattoo together, Please answer these questions in an email to me:

1. What would you like to get?

Please describe your vision as far as you have gotten with it. 


2. Where on your body would you like to have it tattooed?


3. Do you have a specific style in mind?

Feel free to reference pieces of mine (or other artists') you were inspired by. Please keep in mind I will not copy an existing tattoo. 


4. Please tell me a little bit about yourself. Is this your first tattoo?  

How did you find me?  What little or big thing did you learn about yourself lately? 


5. Are you fully vaccinated? If not, please tell me why.

I am committed to keeping myself, my family, and my clients as safe as I can, and would like the option of assessing my risks with each human who comes through my doors at this strange time in our history. 


6. I am committed to building an anti-racist business, and it is important that my clients are aligned with me on my values.

White folks: Please say a little bit about your journey to unlearn white supremacy.

Folks of color: feel free to skip this prompt. 


7. Your budget for this piece, if you have one. 

For money related questions, take a look at my "fees" page. 


8. Do you have specific time constraints in the next few months? Is this tattoo a personal emergency? If you are looking for a bigger piece, are you planning on staying nearby for the foreseeable future? I'd also love to know if you are schedule-flexible and if I can summon you with minimal notice. 


9. Please attach any art references you've collected for your vision, if you have some.


my e-mail is 



Once you send your e-mail, please be patient. 


If you send me a general e-mail asking for more information, you are probably not going to get a response. This website is a wealth of information, and I do not have a personal assistant. Thank you for understanding.