My current rate is $225/hour

My minimum is one hour


I fill up my day with two appointments that are at least two hours each, then sometimes take on a smaller piece after-hours. 


Please note: starting January 1st, 2020 my rate will be $250/hour


I understand that tattoo work is expensive and not everyone can afford it. It is a luxury and yet for some of us it is close to a necessity. The above number reflects the current going rate for professional custom tattoo work by an experienced artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


I am open to some trades of goods and services. For people at the intersection of many oppressive systems (race, gender, class, sexual orientation), I am sometimes able to offer sliding scale rates. If I am doing a lot of trades and sliding scale already, you might have to wait. Please ask. If you absolutely need to be tattooed by me, I absolutely want to make it possible for you. 


I am able to accept cash, all major credit cards, and transfers through square cash and Venmo.