Links to some of those i adore

Here you will find links to various businesses that are run by members of my community that I enjoy, respect, and recommend. 

  • *James-Olivia Chu Hillman, otherwise known as Inquisitive Human is someone whose existence I absolutely delight in. They identify as an asker of rude questions, a disruptor of systems of supremacy, a lover of uncomfortable conversations, and a fellow work in progress. I've been taking some workshops with them and have been screaming about them from the rooftops ever since. If right relationship as at topic interests you, if you love humanity and want to connect deeper with yourself and others, you've gotta check out their work. Their instagram will be of great interest to you as well. 


  • Liz Williams of Liz Williams Physical Therapy is hands down the most intuitive and knowledgeable physical therapist I've ever known. As an active person, I find physical therapy to be a necessity. Sometimes, suddenly. Booking with Liz is easy, and our sessions bring me great relief every time. Her hands are magical. One of her specialties and passions is the pelvic floor. 


  • *Batul Trueheart, is an herbalist, a two-spirit (queer) Native American/Indigenous curandera, and a healer. They make medicines, teach classes (intended audience being POC mostly) and are a gorgeous soul to learn from. Their Instagram is good AF too. 


  • *The Movement Maestro, or Dr. C. Shanté Cofield is my favorite marketing coach out there. They are inspiring with their sharp wit and encouraging manner. So positive caring and hilarious. Their Instagram is worth a follow whether or not you have a small business and need marketing advice and inspiration. And... last spring I had the good luck to get Maestro on my podcast. We had a great time. 


Folks of color are marked with an * .

All of the above folks identify as queer or some flavor of thereof.