Here you will find links to various businesses that are run by members of my community that I enjoy, respect, and recommend. All women, mostly queer, and many women of color- owned businesses. Women of color owned and run businesses marked with an asterisk. Updating often. 

  •  Julia O Test Creative : Julia O. Test is a friend, a longtime client, my website designer, and a talented photographer with a striking perspective. These days Julia runs a boutique agency focused on content creation for brands, influencer marketing, Instagram development and local events. Follow her on Instagram @juliaotestphoto for gorgeous shots of her life and work.


  •  DJ Mysdefy is my favorite DJ. She spins all the good music. All the best 90's RnB, 80's dance, hip hop and all the right divas. Hire her for your gay (or straight) wedding, birthday party or cool community event! 


  • *Andi Smiles helps super rad self-employed folx embrace their inner money badass. In other words, she will help you get financially sound in your business. Also she is my best friend and the most amazing human. If you have your own business, you should really take a look at her website, she has so many free tools to help you get started.


  • Blue, of Blue Dog Adventures, is a magical dog person. I would trust her with my precious dog. And have. And do. 


  • *Batul Trueheart, is an herbalist, a two-spirit (queer) Native American/Indigenous curandera, and a healer. Wonderful person. I've hired them for two energetic cleansing prior to moving into two different spaces and I wouldn't do it any other way. 


  • Liz Williams of Liz Williams Physical Therapy is hands down the most intuitive and knowledgeable physical therapist I've ever known. As an active person, I find physical therapy to be a necessity. Sometimes, suddenly. Booking with Liz is easy, and our sessions bring me great relief every time. One of her specialties is the pelvic floor!