I started tattooing in 2008 at Black & Blue Tattoo under the guidance of Leo Herod. I learned from everybody who was at the shop at the time — Idexa Stern, Anne Williams, Victor Trujillo, Jaime Royal VI, Siri Strauss, and Tala Brandeis. 


After four years at Black & Blue, I spent two years working at Mermaids Tattoo, an all-female collective under the ownership of Anne Williams. I was there from 2012 to 2014. I opened my San Francisco private studio in 2014, and after five years in that tiny sweet space, I moved my private tattoo studio to a lovely, spacious suite in the East Bay. Fall 2022 marked my fourteen years in the business. It is the longest relationship of my life, and I intend to stay in it until my last breath. 


I specialize in experimental styles. I love geometry, abstraction, playing with contrast. I get very nerdy about getting the placement just right, hitting all the precise points on the body. I do a lot of fine line work, a lot of bright bold color as well and delicate color blending. To put the above into tattoo style terms, I'd list dotwork, blackwork, abstract tattooing and watercolor. I love translating fine art into tattoo art. If its a little different, if you don't see it a lot, it is probably up my alley. 


Honestly if you want to know more about me, you should listen to my podcast. 

Thank you for looking!