Ep. 11: What do being polyamorous, tattooed and queer have in common?

Luoi. They have Luoi in common. 
Meet Luoi. She might be the owner of the most buttery toasty voice I've ever recorded.

Luoi talks about her polyamory, how she met her wife, being on the road more than being at home, being a butch of all trades, studying piercing and getting tattooed as a youngin, making coffee, and all the while we giggle like tired schoolchildren and Lulu gently snores. 

You will not want this episode to end. It's very soothing. 

If you have house organizing needs in the Bay Area and want a bunch of hot queers to tell you what to do with your crap, Luoi can be reached at yourlogisticalcompanion@gmail.com . 


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