Ep. 22: Maestro's Hour of Greatness (Dr. Shanté Cofield)

I've known The Movement Maestro for a couple of years in the online space. They are a super engaging Instagram marketing specialist, an athlete, and a real, genuine, whole ass human. They have the most adorable cat named Rupert, The Meowstro, and they eat the same breakfast every morning. Spoiler alert, it involves cinnamon raisin bread.  They are an East coaster originally, (but perfect for that LA life). And they  have a million plus downloads of their (clearly wildly successful!) podcast "Maestro on the Mic". Even if you don't have an online business, you should listen to it anyway. Life lessons abound. 

Maestro and their podcast is actually the reason Ink Medicine Podcast exists. They said "do the thing." And I did. I consider them a mentor, hope to keep building our connection to a solid friendship and am endlessly thankful for all the ways I have grown as a person and business owner because of their teachings. 

And we didn't talk shop much at all, things got personal quick. You'll even find out some things about me you didn't know. 

Song included in the middle of the episode: The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. (Donna Fargo).

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