Ep. 24: Working Class Sparkly Queer Fat Femme Seeking... Snuggles with Lulu.

I met Amithyst Fist when I was about twenty years old, which was about twenty years ago. We couldn't remember if we met at Camp Trans, a protest camp, on the outskirts of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, or at NOLOSE conference in Portland, OR, or maybe it was on the floor of a queer dance club (I was underage at the time). To sum it up, we have the same rebellious queer punk streak running through us and so we recognized a kindred spirit in one another right away. Amithyst made her way onto my table about a year ago, and I am happy to report we are back to being peas in a pod. 

On this episode Amithyst snuggles with Lulu while telling me about her queer and tattoo roots in San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR.  I ask her about her work in as a counselor in mental heath care in jail, and about what its like to be a sparkly queer fat femme in the world not made for people like her. 

Our chat is very casual, very easy and warm, and open. And I think you will absolutely love it. 

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