Ep. 25: What's important to me in my relationships with my clients aka Tattoogate 2023 Inspires

So this thing came out over the past few days on Tattoo TikTok. A story and then another story and another about a scammer tattooer up in Canada, and it got me thinking about how integrity is a scant resource these days. But then all of these other tattoo artists started responding to the original person, creating free art for her, and offering to tattoo her (also for free), and it warmed my heart. And it made me want to talk about how exactly integrity in these relationships may look. 

In this episode of Ink Medicine, I bring you some of the things I find important as I build my relationships with my clientele. Things like ensuring physical, mental and emotional comfort, privacy, and offering transparency about financial commitments as much as possible. 

And you get a short synopsis of the TikTok tattoo drama, because you need the background, of course, you want that tea. 


PS As promised in the show notes, here is the link to the episode about boundaries:




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