Ep. 26: International Woman of Tattrx and Chillpolyam Mystery, Morgan

I started tattooing in 2008, and I started following Tattrx almost from its' inception just a few years later.  It was the blog that gave me permission to explore alternative styles in tattooing. Morgan is the person who started that blog. After poring over the pages of Tattrx, I started to play with "watercolor" and "abstract" tattoo styles.  

These days Morgan is better known for ChillPolyamory, a beautiful online resource library and peer support space with over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram and over one hundred thirty thousand on TikTok. 

However, we talked more about her career as a tattoo artist manager and marketing coach, her approach to tattooing as a true art form and her relationships in the tattoo artist community. 

This conversation was a bucket list item for me and I was stoked that Morgan was so gracious as to have it with me. 

Find and follow Morgan at https://www.instagram.com/chillpolyamory/

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