Ep. 57: Slow Crawl Into and Hopes for 2024

A little personal update for you, since the start to my year has been a little frazzled with a lack of my usual routine due to too many fun plans. 

In this episode I talk about my early year travels and then some hopes for the coming year: Sayler's apprenticeship, my reading plans, my big birthday, my sticker making career, and my wishes to get better with time management and tidying. 

Next week look out for my "22 in 2023" reading list as a podcast episode. 

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episode transcript

Micah Riot: 

Hello darlings. Micah Riot, here With the first episode of Ink Medicine podcast in 2024. As marked by the Gregorian calendar, it is the 10th of January, it's a Wednesday and I am honestly more frazzled than not, and I am on my third trip this month. I'm about to go away tomorrow to Birmingham, alabama. I'm going with my partner to visit some of the family of hers that I have not met yet. It is where she's from and I'm certainly hoping she'll have a chance for her to show me around and I will see where she went to school and where she became, where she started to become the incredible person that she is today. Prior to this week, we went on two more trips. We went to Harbin Hot Springs resort near here, couple hours away from here in Northern California, that I do love and spend some time in. I go there about twice a year at this point just to really just even for a night, just to tune out the world and be in some warm water. And before that we went to Mendocino, a coastal town here in Northern California, where we just chilled for a couple of days, also got in some hot water, because there's another little spot area over there with some beautiful wooden old school tubs that you can rent by the hour. And because of that all those trips and also my partner's impending surgery at the end of the month I'm a little bit frazzled. I'm not really on my usual routine. I have been to the gym, but not as much as I'd like. It really helps me feel grounded and in my body, and that is okay. I will be back there soon. I'm excited to go to Alabama never been, never been to Birmingham. I have a bit of a yeah, a bit of a fascination with the South, with all of its fucked up history and how people have continued to live there and make the best of it, and how much amazing nonprofit work has come out of there, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. And, of course, I'm excited to go eat the food. I feel like we'll get some really good barbecue. I don't know what Alabama's famous for. Liz will have to let me know. Next week I will be dropping my 22 and 23 books that I read last year in 2023. I got around to 22 books. That is correct, which was kind of a miracle because I did not read for much of the year. Because of this podcast, it took a lot of energy to make the podcast and I had very little left for reading. So social media addiction I have it, I work with it. It's something that I deal with for sure, scrolling away past the time when I would like to not scroll. I was asked what I hope to accomplish this year. Not in a way of resolutions, because that's weird. Sorry you guys who do resolutions, I don't. I'm not into that kind of thing. Just like live your life, do good things for yourself. But what I hope to accomplish this year is some tangible goals are, of course, getting Sailor on her feet, making sure she's doing as well as I can help her do as a tattoo artist in this world, in this area. I don't think she needs a hold on to help for me, but everybody could use some support and guidance, and so that's what we're doing, and she just tattooed her first glance yesterday and I'm very proud. The piece looks great. I'm excited to see it healed. I'm excited to see what else she does in the next couple months and on beyond. I would like to read my 24 books, or more if I can make that work. I would like to put all my stickers up for SailorNetsy or some similar platform and I'd like to make more designs, more stickers. I'm really into stickers. It's really been a thing. I'd like to stay consistent at the gym, which means four days a week, you know as much as I can, sometimes five, sometimes just three, sometimes it's two, but just staying consistent, keeping on going, hitting my numbers, eating my protein, perhaps getting bigger numbers, getting some gains in all my lifts, and I feel like that is within reach. So this is a goal Keeping in touch with my humans, and making this podcast is a way to do that. Also, having releasing my 50-ish episodes this year will be a big accomplishment. Again, it's not, it's not nothing. It takes energy and time, for sure, to make this podcast. I do hope I'll get to meet and chat with some more amazing artists in the community and also my amazing clients, which is basically who I'm here to showcase. I'm also turning 40, so having a way figuring out some different ways to celebrate that marker milestone. But I also have to say that my birthday, when I do choose to celebrate, it, is the most about bringing a few people together that don't know each other, who I adore and seeing if they would adore each other as well. They usually do so do not. I hope to keep managing my PMDD as I happen and, even better, and my blood sugar, which is a key to many things in life. I realized, ooh, I'm hoping to have chest surgery this year. We'll see if it happens, but it is a hope I have and it's like scary and exciting kind of the most scary and exciting thing I've thought of for years now. So that is a goal of sorts. And, of course, continuing to tattoo all of you fine people and more of you fine people that I've never met yet, that I have not met and you have never heard of me yet. I'm hoping to tattoo all of you who will find me and are my people. I'm excited to meet you. You know, one of my other goals is to be more on time. My time management is pretty terrible, so I need to figure out how to be more on time and also to reorganize my day so that it's not so much organized around my gym time but do my workouts earlier and maybe spend more earlier in the daytime at the shop, when I have more energy, and maybe it could do work in a slightly different way. So it's a slightly different schedule. We shall see and along with being bad at time management. I'm also because of that. I'm not as good at keeping my house as tidy as I'd like, because I do a lot of bullshit in the morning and then work and then I'm too tired to deal with much. So that's a goal for this year. Thank you so much for listening. I need to go finish packing and feed myself some dinner before we take off tomorrow morning. I just really wanted to touch, you know, have a little touchdown and say hello, make sure that you know that I am still here. I'm not going anywhere. I had to take a little break last week and I'm going to be consistent. So I love you. Please write an interview. I would love that and send me a note. If you like, through Instagram can find me at Micah Riot. You can DM me. I check the DMs, I check the request folders and I hope you're having a really good start to your year. I hope it's slow ish and chill ish and you're still enjoying Christmas cookies and maybe even your decorations. Yeah, I'll talk to you next week.