Tattooing Spiritually

You are sacred. Your body is sacred.

Tattooing is your expression on your body, with my help. Therefore it is sacred too. Whatever your piece turns out to be, it is a collaboration between you, me and the energy of the universe. As I work on you, I keep my body and mind open, I listen with all of my senses. When something comes through me and inspires me, I offer it forth.

I can be subtle or explicit about this. That depends on your level of woo-tolerance. You don’t have to be “spiritual” to get tattooed by me. But you can be. It doesn’t make a difference to me. This is just the way that I work. If you like my work, if you are open to my process, if you are willing to trust me, come on in.

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    Rachel (Wednesday, 13 January 2016 20:26)

    Power to the woo-woo! Yay!